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It is a pleasure for us to welcome you on our website, just like you, we also love to give life to all those creative ideas that we have in our heads, from our taste for crafts in general this store is born, your store.. MISHU SCRAP.

Why MISHU?, I tell you a little, I am the mother of 3 cats and 1 dog, my first kitten came to our house 4 years ago, practically since he was born he has been with me, a Siamese type cat, huge, chubby and precious... he It's MISHU, the store is named after him.

We have many products available from very very nice brands that you will surely love and will help you in all your projects. We are in the state of Mexico but we can send you to any part of the Mexican Republic so that you do not run out of all these things that we know are not very easy to get.

We work very hard to offer you innovative products at the best possible prices, we work very hard to keep our page up to date, you can contact us through this page, through our Facebook profile or by sending us a WhatsApp message to number: 5561221140, for us it will be a pleasure to assist you.

Happy shopping!!!

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